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Today's class 12/02/2012

posted Dec 2, 2012, 6:48 PM by Ashok Kumar
  • Thank you for being on time and we would like to also show our appreciation to the parents who attended the chapter 12 recital and participated in the following discussion.
  • Hanuman Chalisa was introduced. Basic concepts were discussed. Please follow the link. Please print a copy and bring a pencil or a pen next time.  or
  • We also discussed the "context of a question about those who do not believe on God" by watching part of the movie "Oh My God". It is a Hindi movie but with subtitles. We had a good discussion. It will be take 2 more sessions to complete it.
  • The "PAC" team will be working on a project to compile a booklet for children and youth about "common questions they are asked about being a Hindu or from the Indian culture?" This will take us few sessions. It will comprise of collecting questions, grouping them and short answers provided by the STUDENTS with references. We will try to finish the project by the end of April. Today we collected questions. Next class we will group them.  Please all of you can participate and edit this list on the Google document created by Birju. 
  • Sridar uncle also worked with the youth on continued project of newsletter production.
  • See you all on the 16th
Hamsa aunti
Ashok uncle