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What did we learn on 09/09/2012

posted Sep 12, 2012, 8:31 PM by Ashok Kumar
  • In the Bagavad Gita class  Chapter 12- verses 6 thru 10 were discussed. Various ways of becoming a devotee and serving God was discussed and each devotee should serve with his  or her fullest potential no matter how big or small it is.  Parallels were drawn between Charecters in the  Ramayan and the teachings of the Gita. In Ramayan the greatest devotee is Hanuman , but others like Lakshmana, the army of monkeys were no less of a devotee, the smallest devotee was the squirrel who helped when the bridge to Lanka was being built.
  • In the discussion class, we watched a movie about Illusions and how hypocritical the society is -  we have many opportunities around us in our daily life to help people and make a difference, yet we chose to ignore them
  • In the PAC team we discussed the community projects. Sohaan will lead the Can drive and communicate with the students and art teachers. He will plan the activity based on the Ideas and points shared by Shanthi Aunti. Dates and details for various projects such as "Lock in" were discussed, which Neal will lead. Karishma will  work on Adopt a village (book donations)
  • The newsletter team, many kids were absent. Plans are made to make not one student responsible but the whole team distribute work, share e-mails and get work completed assigned to them by the next class